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NAU Giving Day 2024

April 3 was the sixth annual NAU Giving Day!

Passionate, caring Lumberjack supporters near and far collectively raised more than $1.9 million over the last five NAU Giving Days. Because of your generosity, more students received scholarships, additional research projects were funded, and NAU amplified its impact in Arizona and beyond. Lumberjacks are AMAZING!   


Thanks to you, this year was bigger and better than ever! Hundreds of kind, passionate, and generous Lumberjacks—like you—continued this proud and powerful tradition of collective impact. 

Thank you for representing your Lumberjack Country and for swinging your #AxeOfKindness during this 6th annual community fundraising event! We did it, Lumberjack Country! Together we raised $791,688 from 2,027 Axe of Kindness!

We are Lumberjacks flag waving

Learn about Impact Funds

Giving to an Impact Fund allows you to easily support your favorite NAU cause, such as educational access, sustainability, or creating a vibrant campus community. Give to an Impact Fund today, and we will put your #AxeOfKindness straight to work supporting priorities across NAU!

#AxeofKindness Legacy Challenge
Swing your #AxeofKindness on NAU Giving Day! Thanks to the generous support of six alumni families, your contribution can unlock $60,000 to assist students with essential needs through Louie Vouchers, Lumberjack Emergency Assistance Fund (LEAF), Louie’s Cupboard, and Blavin Scholars Programmatic Fund and First Scholars. Donating ensures that NAU students receive vital support during challenging times, covering areas such as food insecurity, financial assistance, and wellness resources, carrying on the Lumberjack legacy. Your generosity directly impacts programs providing a safe space and access to essential services. Join the Axe of Kindness Challenge today and make a difference in the lives of NAU students! WE Are Lumberjacks!
College of Arts & Letters Finish Line Challenge
Support the College of Arts and Letters (CAL) Finish Line Fund. Your donation to the CAL Finish Line Fund will make a significant impact in supporting CAL students' emergency funding needs. Once we receive 15 gifts to this fund, Dean Boyer will contribute $1000 to this fund. Together, we can unlock vital resources to advance the mission of CAL and empower our CAL Lumberjack community. Every contribution matters—join us in crossing the finish line!
15 / 15 Gifts
Construction Management Challenge
Join Sundt, JE Dunn, McCarthy, Haydon, KCS, and Wespac in supporting NAU Construction Management this Giving Day! Your contribution will unlock $17,000, enabling us to continue delivering top-notch education and real-life experiences that our program is known for. Together, let's build the next generation of high-performance construction professionals. WE Are Lumberjacks!
First Generation Student Education Abroad Challenge
Education abroad is proven to be one of the most transformational high impact educational experiences that broadens students' horizons, increases retention, success, and employment rate, and enhances students' sense of engagement, social responsibilities, and leadership skills. Please donate to the First Generation Student Education Abroad Scholarship Fund. Once we receive 20 donations, we will unlock Vice Provost Yimin Wang’s $2,000 gift.
20 / 20 Gifts
NAU Athletics Challenge
Join us in being the team behind the teams on NAU Giving Day! Your support ensures that our student-athletes receive a world-class experience, extending beyond their time in Flagstaff. Every contribution positively impacts their success in the classroom, in competition, and in the community. Your support provides our student-athletes, coaches, and staff with essential resources that greatly enhance our ability to compete and succeed. When 75 gifts are made, anonymous donors will donate $16,500, amplifying the impact of your generosity. Be a part of something bigger—make a difference for NAU athletics today!
75 / 75 Gifts
NAU Online Challenge
Fuel innovation and fosters an engaging NAU online learning experience with a gift to any NAU Online fund. After 5 gifts are received, Dean Carmin Chan will donate $500 to NAU Online to support the transformation of an online education at NAU.
5 / 5 Gifts
Office of Native American Initiatives Challenge
In a spirit of shared commitment to the empowerment and advancement of Native American communities, Amy Peterson will donate $75,000 to The Barbara Madden Peterson Endowment, Lynn Pinto will donate $37,000 to various ONAI initiatives, Bill Auberle will donate $2,500 to the Virgil Masayesva Education Fund - ITEP, and Penny Emerson will donate $16,667 also to various ONAI initiatives, including the Empower program and student success while serving Native communities with the NAU Office of Native American Initiatives (ONAI)! Your donation, along with those from Amy Peterson, Lynn Pinto, Bill Auberle, Penny Emerson, and others, to any ONAI fund directly supports initiatives enhancing program quality, student outcomes, and fostering stronger connections with Native communities. With 75 gifts, we unlock a total of $131,167 in crucial resources to drive these impactful endeavors, advancing NAU's goal to become the leading university serving Native Americans. WE Are Lumberjacks
75 / 75 Gifts
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Maximize your impact on the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and unlock an additional $52,000 in funding for the college. By donating to any fund within the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, you can contribute to our goal of reaching 50 gifts. Once this goal is achieved, generous donors will pledge $52,00 to support the future of NAU. Every gift counts—join us in making a difference! #WeAreLumberjacks
50 / 50 Gifts
The Bob Crozier NAU Foundation Board Challenge
We did it, Lumberjack Country! Thanks to your collective generosity, the NAU Foundation Board has committed support to the following areas: Charles R. and Teresa Bartels Scholarship, Lisa Bagwell Engineering Scholarship, Electrical Engineering Experiential Learning Award, Skyjacks, Student groups and Organizations General Fund, Theodore Johnson Lecture Series, Admiral Braun Leadership Endowment, Lumberjack Emergency Assistance Fund, The Fimea Family Endowment for Excellence in Communication, and The Lillian Jane Baker Teacher Education Fund, and Tony Tewelis.
The NAU Commission on the Status of Women Challenge
Join the NAU Commission on the Status of Women and The Cline Library in supporting the Martha Portree Commission on the Status of Women Scholarship. This NAU Giving Day, elevate your commitment to gender equity. Your support not only contributes to this vital cause but also unlocks $1,300 in gifts from Dean Cynthia Childrey, Karen Underhill, and Claudia Bakula after 15 gifts are made to this fund. Together, we can amplify our impact in fostering a culture of compassion and equality
15 / 15 Gifts
The. W.A Franke College of Business Challenge
Donate to any fund in The W.A. Franke College of Business or School of Hotel and Restaurant Management and once FCB receives 75 total gifts the following gifts will be released to the college for more than $82,667: Dean Ashok Subramanian will donate to the Student Support fund; Pam and Rudy Ramos will donate to scholarships and the Student Support fund; Mike Santellanes will support first-scholars business students and overall FCB student support; Theresa and Douglas Drew will donate to the Douglas and Theresa Jeszka Drew Welcome Center, Penny Emerson will donate to the Center for American Indian Economic Development, and Dave Sherf will donate to support faculty in the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management! WE are FCB, WE are Lumberjacks!
75 / 75 Gifts
True Blue Alumni Challenge sponsored by the NAU Alumni Association Board
Help us start off the day with our first milestone and show the Lumberjack community we are True Blue! When we reach 403 alumni gifts on #NAUGivingDay the following current and former members of the board will release a collective $8,875 in gifts: Blaise Caudill ’13; Kedren Dillard, ’00; Trina George, ’09; Carmelle Malkovich, ’03; Jana Harper, ’90; Melvin Hunter, ’10; Jim Jayne, ’91; Joe Mead, ’83; Maggie Thom, ’12; , Wayne Watson, ’84; Rick Koch, ’72; Janet Sweigart, ’83; Mary O'Driscoll, ’82; Marquitta Rippy, ’15; Eduardo Moreno, '21; Brandon Rivera, '14; Alex Gutierrez, '85 '90; Eduardo "Eddie" Moreno, '21; Nancy Serenbetz, '75; Kari" Kent, '91; and Veronica Hipolito, '97, '02 . WE Are Lumberjacks!
403 / 403 Gifts
Civil & Environmental Engineering Challenge
Support NAU civil and environmental engineering students on NAU Giving Day! Thanks to the generosity of Remal Consulting and Loven Contracting. Your donation can unlock $8000 for the Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Experience Fund. But we need your help to reach our goal—just 15 additional donors can make it happen. Together, we can provide students with invaluable opportunities to participate in conferences, field trips, workshops, and competitions. Make a gift now and empower the next generation of engineering leaders!
15 / 15 Gifts
College of Education
Maximize your impact on the College of Education and unlock an additional $37,750 in funding for the college. By donating to any fund within the College of Education, you can contribute to our goal of reaching 50 gifts. Once this goal is achieved, generous donors: Angie Hodge-Zickerman, Nancy Serenbetz, Ramona Mellott, Clement Lambert, Ron Gray, Angelina Castagno, Sara Ambercrombie, Donelle Ruwe, Shadow Armfield, Keith Lambert, and Rebecca Harrison Batey will pledge $37,750 to support the future of NAU. Every gift counts—join us in making a difference! #WeAreLumberjacks
50 / 50 Gifts
Double Your Impact, Micron Lumberjacks!
Thank You for Your Axe of Kindness, Micron Lumberjacks! Your generosity not only doubles the impact of your gift but also demonstrates your unwavering commitment to empowering NAU students and programs. Thank you for making a difference and helping us build a brighter future for our Lumberjack community. Go Jacks!
Honors College Challenge
Donate to any fund in the Honors College and once Honors receives 25 in total gifts the following gifts will be released to the college: Dean Kevin Gustafson will donate $1,000 to the The José Ángel Cruz (JAC) Honors Emergency Relief Fund; Penny Emerson will donate $16,666.67 to support the Honors Native American Summer Research Program; Michael Hagan will donate $10,000 to support The Sarah Henry Miller Fund for International Experience; and an anonymous donors will donate $333.33 to The José Ángel Cruz (JAC) Honors Emergency Relief Fund. That is $28,000 in challenge dollars released! WE are Honors! WE are Lumberjacks!
25 / 25 Gifts
NAU Leadership Challenge
Join our NAU campus leaders: Karen Pugliesi, John Georgas, Josh Mackey, Anika Olsen, Ann Marie deWees, Harlan Teller, and Rensu Yang on #NAUGivingDay 2024! Help us reach 1,000 gifts overall and unlock impactful support. Once we hit our goal, these university leaders will release their gifts totaling $5,250. Let's unite as Jacks and make a difference together! WE Are Lumberjacks
1,000 / 1,000 Gifts
NAU Research Challenge
NAU’s research mission enables discovery and solves pressing problems facing our world. Moreover, at NAU we believe in fostering research that is deeply student engaged – faculty work side-by-side with their students in cutting-edge fields that range from the study of the smallest molecules to understanding the nature of our universe. In addition to helping our students develop a passion for the world around them, these research experiences prepare students to enter the workforce with outstanding technical skills, the ability to think and problem solve critically and analytically, and to thrive as members of a collaborative working team. Please donate to the Vice President for Research Innovation Fund, or any fund in the research area. Once we receive 10 donations, we will unlock Vice President Jason Wilder’s $1500 gift.
10 / 10 Gifts
Route 66 Challenge Sponsored by Mother Road Brewing Co.
Join the Route 66 Challenge Sponsored by Mother Road Brewing Co.! Between 5-7pm MST, we aim to receive 66 gifts. Once we reach this milestone, Mother Road Brewing Co will generously donate $1001 to the NAU Society of Automotive Engineers student club. Your contribution during this timeframe can make a significant impact on our students' experiences and opportunities. Let's rev up our support and drive towards success together!
66 / 66 Gifts
Support Military-Connected Lumberjacks
Unlock $4,000 and support military-connected Lumberjacks at NAU with a gift to any Veterans and Military Services fund. After 15 gifts to Veterans and Military Services are received, Paul Opdyke will donate $3,500 to the NAU Veterans Student Emergency Fund and Senior Vice Provost John Georgas will donate $500 to the Army ROTC and Air Force ROTC Cadet Funds.
15 / 15 Gifts
The College of Environment, Forestry, and Natural Sciences (CEFNS) Challenge
Elevate your impact on the College of Environment, Forestry, and Natural Sciences (CEFNS) and unlock an additional $30,500 in funding. By donating to any fund within CEFNS, you contribute to our goal of reaching 75 gifts. Once this goal is achieved, the following generous donors: Roy St. Laurent, Terry Damron, Michael Wagner, Bruce Hungate, Dean Roger Haro, The Grand Canyon Trust, and an anonymous donor, will collectively donate $30,500 to various funds including the Math Scholarship Fund, Dr. James Rominger Scholarship (01332), Dr. O Johnson Scholarship in Biology, Wagner Faculty-Led Study Abroad Fund, Monarch Butterfly Conservation Internship, ¡MIRA! SparQS, Ecosystem Science & Society Center, NAU Biology Department, CEFNS Dean's Innovation Fund, and Dr. Thomas D. Sisk Graduate Award
75 / 75 Gifts
The Staff Advisory Council's Lumberjack Community of Care Challenge
Join The SAC (Staff Advisory Council) Challenge by making a gift to any fund on Giving Day and SAC leadership will donate $603 to the Employee Lumberjack Fund (ELF). For over 25 years, ELF has provided over $50,000 in aid to NAU employees during times of hardship. Your donation, no matter the amount, directly supports NAU staff facing emergencies, demonstrating our Lumberjack community's commitment to care and unity. Let's stand together and make a difference in the lives of our fellow Lumberjacks.
750 / 750 Gifts
Theta Omega Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Challenge
Join the challenge for the Theta Omega Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Endowment Fund! We're calling for 10 gifts to unlock $1000 to this fund from Matt Tantau and Jake White. Your contribution can help us reach our goal and support the ongoing success and growth of our chapter. Let's rally together and make a difference
10 / 10 Gifts
Turn your state True Blue with your Axe of Kindness!
Rank State Gifts
1 AZ 1103
2 CA 87
3 CO 37
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