Thank you to the Lumberjack Family for making Giving Day such a success! Missed your chance to make an Axe of Kindness on Giving Day? You can still give on our main donation page.
NAU Giving Day 2022

Lumberjacks are stronger together!

NAU Giving Day is your opportunity to celebrate what makes our community extraordinary—the kind, passionate, and generous people who care about NAU and its students. Dollars raised on Giving Day directly fund NAU projects, programs, scholarship and so much more. Your support ensures NAU’s commitment to student access and academic excellence remains a top priority. Your Axe of Kindness impacts every aspect of the NAU experience. Unite with your Lumberjack family to turn one day of giving into 365 days of impact!

Want to make a difference in the world, but don't know where to start?
Take this quiz to find out what kind of changemaker you are, and we'll recommend a specific fund to support.

#TBT Walk Down Memory Lane Challenge
Winner @atpanda with gift allocated to Engineering Innovation Fund
Alumni Chapter Leaderboard
Are you a member of a NAU Alumni Chapter? Be sure to let us know during checkout so we can add your gift to the leaderboard tally. WE ARE LUMBERJACKS!
If you are a member of an NAU Alumni Chapter, please select your Chapter below:
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Flagstaff Chapter 61
2 Phoenix Chapter 24
3 Washington D.C. Chapter 6
4 Denver Chapter 5
5 Portland Chapter 5
6 Native American Chapter 5
7 San Diego Chapter 4
8 Boise Area (*not a chapter) 3
9 Yuma Chapter 2
10 Prescott Chapter 1
President’s Staff Challenge
President José Luis Cruz Rivera is challenging faculty and staff to get involved on Giving Day. He will personally deliver donuts and coffee to the department that has the highest percentage of participation. Give now and help your department win this special treat! (Results will be tallied Friday 4/15 to account for payroll deductions.)
Your gift may help unlock a match or challenge, please select your department below:
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Student Affairs 61
2 COE 55
3 SBS 54
4 CEFNS 38
5 Advancement and Foundation 35
6 ITS 33
7 HR 30
9 CHHS 27
10 Enrollment Management 27
11 CEIAS 23
12 University Marketing 21
13 UFBS (FIPA) 19
14 FCB 16
15 CAL 14
Show Your Pride
Winner - Chelsea McKiernan has asked the gift be made to Honors Capstone!
We are Lumberjacks Spirit Award
Winner @joygaeraths wishes the gift to be allocated to the Lumberjack Marching Band!
Alumni Association Board We are Lumberjacks Challenge
Thank you Jacks for your support on Giving Day! 222 alumni made a gift and unlocked the Alumni Association Board Challenge. Your current Alumni Association Board and Past Presidents have made their gifts: Art Atonna; Kedren Dillard; Trina George; Alex Gutierrez; Heidi Hansen; Jana Harper; Melvin Hunter; Jimmy Jayne; Marquitta Lambert; Carmelle Malkovich; Joe Mead; Mary O'Driscoll; Kim Ott; Brandon Rivera; Nancy Serenbetz; Janet Sweigart; Maggie Thom; Wayne Watson; and Cathy Wylet. WE ARE LUMBERJACKS
222 / 222 Gifts
President’s Challenge - Supporting Student Parents
President José Luis Cruz Rivera has created a fund to support the unique challenges faced by students who are also parents – a role he understands, since he was a parent while attending college. On Giving Day, he will personally donate another $2,500 to this fund once 50 people donate to any student support fund.
50 / 50 Gifts
Rise and Shine Early Bird Challenge
Winner @Amy_Faull wishes to support Early Education Childhood Center
The Harrison Batey Lumberjack Challenge
Hey Lumberjacks, make a gift to support the fund that matters most to you at NAU and watch your donation go further! Rebecca Harrison Batey, ’73, challenges you to show your Lumberjack spirit. As soon as the Giving Day thermometer hits $50,000, Rebecca will release her $50,000 gift to support the College of Education. Give now and show the world the impact Jacks can have together.
$50,000 / $50,000 Raised
Turn your state True Blue with your gift!
Rank State Gifts
1 AZ 1019
2 CA 109
3 CO 31
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