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Engineering, Informatics, Applied Sciences
College of Engineering, Informatics, and Applied Sciences

More than a college, this is a mandate

The world demands more experts in technological fields. And we answered. We attracted the best faculty in STEM. We dedicated even more resources for research and facilities. In order to guarantee that the next generation could solve the problems they’ll face, we created greater opportunity for our students to apply what they learn in the classroom as well as the chance to stand at the forefront of knowledge generation. We met all of these needs, reorganizing our programs and centering these disciplines into a college that is building the future. Learn more about CEIAS.

CEIAS $20,000 Challenge

Donate to any fund in the College of Engineering, Informatics, and Applied Sciences and once CEIAS receives 100 total gifts the following gifts will be released to the college: Trent and Michelle D'Hooge will donate $5,000 to support Computer Science Programs and Carl and Laura Johnson will donate $15,000 to support Mechanical Engineering Special Projects.  WE are CEIAS! WE are Lumberjacks!

Support your favorite CEIAS NAU Student Club

The clubs that receive the most gifts wins the Dean Andy Wang's challenge gift

   - 1st Place $500

   - 2nd Place $300

   - 3rd Place $200

NAU Giving Day is a great opportunity to join our future focused mission preparing students to enter the STEM workforce. Looking for a way to make your impact? Consider one of these priority funds:  

Your gift to this fund will help create a specialized program within the College of Engineering to increase retention and graduation rates amongst our students.  Specifically, your gift will be used to:

  • Provide an assessment of current resources and service provided to engineering students and identify gaps and opportunity areas
  • Provide additional tutoring and supporting services to students
  • Connect with sister colleges and universities with similar programs to gather additional information on how similar programs were created and deployed
  • Partner with existing programs like the Summer Math Camp to identify a population of students that can pilot the program
  • Women Taking Charge Fund

Your gift to this fund will support our bold goal to empower women in the college to achieve their full potential as engineers and leaders.  Your gift will support programming that allows our female students and faculty to pursue personal and professional success at NAU and beyond.  Ultimately, we aim to increase the percentage of female students in CEIAS from the current 18%, with a goal of moving toward 25% or higher, where the current percentage of female students for all of NAU is 64%.  With your support, we can:

  • Establish special targeted marketing and recruitment initiatives to increase the percentage of women faculty and students in the college
  • Produce a plan with key projects and programming to launch and the staff to maintain it, including workshops, travel, mentoring programs, and more
  • Assist NAU in partnering with industry, and learn about key programs and initiatives that other Universities have under a similar theme

Your support to this fund helps sponsor projects in the College of Engineering that are innovative and advance our mission in connecting our students to industry.  One of the current initiatives your gift will support is the Industry 4.0 Training Lab (I4TL).  We are developing a smart manufacturing environment with immersive and engaging ways to implement VR/AR, digital twin, and AI tools.  I4TL has three primary functions:

  • Showcase Industry 4.0 research, teaching, and learning
  • Develop VR/AR training software and training materials
  • Offer training courses and certificates to trainees

The I4TL develops and delivers virtual learning tools and environments.  Immersive and virtual learning have been very successful in generating positive learning outcomes in a variety of domains.  The powerful sense of presence and effective immersion created by VR/AR applications promise to provide on-site training in a safe and controlled environment.  Virtual learning environments can provide trainees with access to cost-prohibitive equipment in impossible locations.  It can provide a space for trainees to explore problem spaces and test solutions without risk.  

College of Engineering, Informatics, and Applied Sciences Challenge
Donate to any fund in the College of Engineering, Informatics, and Applied Sciences and once CEIAS receives 75 in total gifts the following gifts will be released to the college: Trent and Michelle D'Hooge will donate $5,000 to support Computer Science Programs; and Carl and Laura Johnson will donate $15,000 to support Mechanical Engineering Special Projects. WE are CEIAS! WE are Lumberjacks!
75 / 75 Gifts
Presidential Challenge sponsored by President José Cruz Rivera and Dr. Rima Brusi
President José Cruz Rivera and Dr. Rima Brusi created a fund to support the unique challenges faced by students who are also parents – a role president Cruz Rivera understands since he was a parent while attending college. On Giving Day, they will personally donate another $2,500 after 500 donors make a gift to any fund. Go Jacks!
500 / 500 Gifts
#AxeOfKindness Challenge sponsored by NAU Leadership
Our NAU campus leaders challenge you! Help us reach 1,000 gifts on #NAUGivingDay. Once we reach 1,000 the following leaders will release their gifts totaling $13,600: Ann Marie Chischilly; Anne Marie deWeise; Laurie Dickson; Christy Farley; Bjorn Flugstad; John Georgas; Laura Jones; Nick Lobejko; Josh Mackey; Julie Mueller; Anika Olsen; Michelle Parker; Amy and Chris Phillips; Karen Pugliesi; Margot Saltonstall; Harlan Teller; and Jason Wilder. Go Jacks!
1,000 / 1,000 Gifts
NAU Legacy Challenge sponsored by the DeMund Foundation
The DeMund Foundation will release a $30,000 gift once 1,500 gifts are given to #NAUGivingDay. The DeMund Foundation supports the over 46% of scholars who identify as first-generation students of NAU.
1,500 / 1,500 Gifts
NAU Honors Distinguished Speaker Series - Frances Haugen
Advocating Accountability and Ethics for Big Tech: An Evening with Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen The NAU Honors Distinguished Speaker Series showcases inspired thinkers from all disciplines addressing issues of vital community interest. The presentations will engage and enlighten students and community members about critical issues facing the region, the nation, and the world. During her time at Facebook as the lead Product Manager on the Civic Misinformation team, Frances became increasingly alarmed by the choices the company makes prioritizing their own profits over public safety and putting people's lives at risk. As a last resort and at great personal risk, Frances made the courageous decision to blow the whistle on Facebook. Reserve tickets -
Support what you love - top supported funds
Lumberjacks everywhere are supporting what they love at NAU. Tracking here are the top funds by gift.
Rank Fund Designation Gifts
1 Tri Alpha Honor Society 112
2 Essential Needs Impact Fund 103
3 Student Groups and Organizations - Tau Sigma Honor Society 78
4 Student Groups and Organizations - Sports Clubs 74
5 NAU Global Brigades Club 66
Alumni by decade
Alright Jacks, let's see who are the most generous alumni by graduation decade.
What decade did you graduate? (the first time)
Rank Answer Gifts
1 1990s 123
2 2010s 114
3 2000s 114
4 1980s 90
5 2020s 41
6 1970s 40
7 1960s 8
8 1950s 1
Office of Native American Initiatives Challenge
Donate to any fund that supports the Office of Native American Initiatives and once we receive 50 in total gifts the following gifts will be released to the college: Ron Lee will donate $1,300 to support the Indigenous Student Success Emergency Fund; and Penny Emerson will donate $30,000 supporting support Native American Cultural Center Activity Fund (NACC); Center for American Indian Economic Development (CAIED) and Native American Summer Research Program (NASRP) in the Honors College. WE are Lumberjacks!
50 / 50 Gifts
True Blue Alumni Challenge sponsored by the NAU Alumni Association Board
Help us start off the day with our first milestone and show the Lumberjack community we are True Blue! When we reach 329 alumni gifts on #NAUGivingDay the following current and former members of the board will release $6,000 in gifts: Blaise Caudill ’13; Kedren Dillard, ’00; Trina George, ’09; Carmelle Malkovich, ’03; Jana Harper, ’90; Melvin Hunter, ’10; Jim Jayne, ’91; Joe Mead, ’83; Maggie Thom, ’12; , Wayne Watson, ’84; Cathy Wylet, ’82; Rick Koch, ’72; Janet Sweigart, ’83; Mary O'Driscoll, ’82; Marquitta Rippy, ’15; Eduardo Moreno, '21; Brandon Rivera, ’14; and Heidi Hansen, ’91. WE Are Lumberjacks!
329 / 329 Gifts
WE Are Lumberjacks Challenge sponsored by the NAU Foundation Board
Help us reach 1,250 gifts on #NAUGivingDay. Once we reach 1,250 the following gifts from members of the NAU Foundation will be released totaling $29,500: $7,000 from Dave Franke to support the College of Education and The W.A. Franke College of Business; $5,000 from Victoria Fimea to support The Fimea Family Endowment for Excellence in Communication; $2,000 from Robin Braun to support Admiral Braun Leadership Endowment; $2,500 from Teresa Bartels; $500 from Booker Evans; $1,500 from Bill Heibel; $1,500 from Don Brooks; and $10,000 from Katrina Rogers to support Rogers-Cherry Graduate Scholarship in the Master’s of Arts in Sustainable Communities. WE Are Lumberjacks!
1,250 / 1,250 Gifts
Happy Hour Challenge to support students sponsored by Mother Road Brewing Company
Join us at Mother Road Brewing Company and help us release $9,000 in gifts to support students at NAU! If we can get 66 gifts between 4:30 - 6:30 pm during our event at Mother Road Brewing Company, an alumni-owned business, the following donors will release their challenge gifts: Alice and Ronald Bauman will donate $5,000 to support first-generation students; Jim McCarthy will donate $2,500 to support the professional development of the associated student government; Larry and Mary Louise Cleveland will donate $1,000 to support Louie’s Cupboard; and Scott Kirkesnner will donate $500 to support associated student government students. WE Are Lumberjacks!
66 / 66 Gifts
Leaderboards - Top College or Unit
Top performing unit or college by total gifts.
Rank Department Gifts
1 College of Education 164
2 NAU Athletics 135
3 College of Social & Behavioral Sciences 99
4 Environment, Forestry, Natural Sciences 94
5 College of Arts & Letters 91
Leaderboards - President's Staff and Faculty Challenge
President José Luis Cruz Rivera is challenging faculty and staff to get involved on Giving Day. He will personally deliver donuts and coffee to the department that has the highest percentage of participation. Give now and help your department win this special treat!
Your gift may help unlock a challenge, please select your department below:
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Student Affairs 132
2 COE 65
3 CEFNS 49
4 CHHS 49
5 Advancement and Foundation 39
6 SBS 38
7 CAL 33
8 ITS 30
9 Enrollment Management 24
10 University Marketing 23
11 HR 22
12 CAPCOT 21
13 FCB 19
14 UFBS (FIPA) 15
15 CEIAS 12
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